10mm 11 mm 3 lines 8.5mm 80/12 90/14 ABC adapter afs airplane albstoffe alice alles fuer selbermacher almond alphabet anchor Andrea Lauren animal animals anthracite antique mustard Antique Pink apple applebite apples apricot aqua aquamarine arvetti arvetti konfetti Astrokatze atelier brunette atlantic aubergine autumn baby blue baby flower baby rose bali hai balloon baltic sea Bamboo batkick bear beige bella Berries berry bias binding bias tape binding black black and white black pink blocks blooms blue blue dragon blush boat boats bohokitz boiled wool bolts bolts and x's book books bordeaux Boreal box boy in window breeze bright bronze brown brushed Brushed sweat bubblegum buffalo bunnies bunny burgundy burnt orange cacti Cambric camping caribbean cat certified chambray charcoal Charteuse chartreuse checkpoint chestnut chocolate cinnamon claudia soria clay clip dots clover cocoa colour magnet concrete copper coral CORD cording corduory CORDUROY corduroy jersey cotton cotton cambric cotton poplin coty cream crushed velvet cuff cuffing cuffs cumulous curious dahlia dandelion dark dark blue dark brown dark gray dark grey dark mint Decembersale deep sea deepsea deer denim denim blue depths desert wood design diamonds digital dino dinosaur distressed divers dot dots dotties dotty double double face double gauze double side dragon dragons drawstring dusty dusty rose dye catchers ears earth tones ecoconcious ecru elastane elasthan elastic elvelyckan ELX705 end of bolt english garden euro euro basic euro kint euro kn it euro knit euro knits euro knt euro print euro prints eurobasics exclusive eyelet Fait au Canada fall family fabrics faux leather fawn fidschi fingerprint finland 150 fish flamingo flamingos fleece floral flower flowers flowers and fairies fluorescent fly foil football forest fox French Terry fresh fresh mint fresh solids frill frog fruits FT fuchsia fuschia garments gauze geo geometric gift card giftcard girl glacier glam glamour glitter gloomy rainbows gloomy stripes glory gold golden goldenrod gorillas GOTS gots certified gradient grass gray gre gree green grey grumpy unicorn hamburger liebe hang tags hearts heathered HEAVY WEIGHT hedgehog hedgehogs Hemp herringbone hilco hocus pocus holiday honey horse horses hot hydrangea ice blue ice cream in the snow india ink interlock ivory JACKET jacquard jacquard jersey jean jeans jeans jersey jersey jersey bias jersey knit bias tape jersey piping JJT jogging JUDGE NOT jumping june jumping june textiles katschinka kelly green khaki kids kimsa kitty kiwi knit knit bias knit bias tape knit cable knits knitty plait Kylie Kylie and the machine la panda labels lace lamb fleece lammfleece lavendel lavender lead free leaf leather leaves Lenzig leopard light light blue light grey light mint Light Petrol light pink light purple lightening bolt lilac lime lines llama love lucky lurex LYCKLIG lycklig design Lyocel machine needles Made in Canada made in europe majapuu maldives mam mamasliebchen maple leaf mauve melange melanges mellow mereen MERINO merino wool merlot metallic midnight mini dots mini stripes Mini Waffle mint mnt modal modern monkeys and pumpkins monochromatic monochrome monsters MOON moonstone moose moss mountains mr. greystone multicolor multicolour multicoloured mustard natural nature navy needles neon neutral new arrival nickel free night blue nikiko nordic notion notions nougat ocean ochre ocre Oeko Tex 100 Standard oeko tex standard 100 Oeko-Tex standard 100 OFF WHITE off-white oink old old blue olive olive green olive white Ommellinen one world one world coordinate orange organic organic cotton origami overlock PaaPii painted pale panda pandas panel panels party pastel pastel green pattern paul und clara peach peacock pelho pelho design pepper peppermint petrol pineapples pink piping pistachio pixel pixelized pixels plaid plait plane plants platypus plier pliers plum poetry polka dots Polyester ponies ponte ponte de roma Poplin popsicle Port posie viscose dobby powder pre-order precut premade Premium Euro primary print prints prisma prisma watercolour promotional prongs prym pumpkin Puoti purple putty Quilted Knit quilted sweat rabbit rainbow rainbows rapport raspberry rayon real red red red coral remnant repeat Repreve retro retro stripes rib rib knit ribbing Robert Kaufman rocketman Roo rosa rosalie rose rose light roses royal ruffle ruffles Rust sail boat sale Salmon salt sand sari sari pelho scales SCHMETZ sea secrets see you at six selia serger shadow shapeleave shapeleaves shapeline shapelines sharks sherpa shiny shocking silver size size 14 size 16 size label skull sleepy smoky snap sets snap setter snaps snow snow dots snowflake sockets softshell solid solids space jeans sparkle sparkle gold sport sports sprinkle black squirrel star stars stitchy knit stoffe Story of Roo stretch stretch jersey Stretch Waffle stripe stripe. stripes stripes studns studs submarine submarines subs succulent summer summersweat sun sundown supplies swafing sweat sweater sweatshirt sweet jeans swiss dots syas tag tags tan taupe teal Tencel Terry Towelling tool towel toweling towelling trailing leaves trim tropical trucks tubed tubular turquoise twill tygdrommar tyrannosaurus under construction unicorn unicorns vario velvet VERNAL verson viking vikings Vintage violet viscose viscose crepe viscose rayon Waffle Waffle Jersey Waffle Knit waistband wale warm water Watercolor watercolour waves whale whales white white stripes wide wide stripe wide stripes widestripe widestripes wild garlic wild horses willi winzig wilson wine wine red winter winter jeans wonderland woodlands WOOL woven woven size tag x's yarn yarn dyed yarn dyed stripes yellow Öko-Tex Standard 100
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