PaaPii: Pattern book for Women


ew women's clothes with PaaPi patterns!

PaaPii Design is known for its domestic clothing collections and inventive print patterns. PaaPi’s second pattern book focuses on women’s clothing. The first book has delighted with its clear instructions and practical timeless children’s clothing designs. PaaPi’s pattern book for women continues on the same path. With the help of the book, you make clothes for everyday life and for celebrations, for all seasons. The patterns in the book are for elastic knits. In addition, one dress pattern for an inelastic fabric is included. PaaPii's pattern book for women offers a wide range of instructions and inspiration for both new and more experienced seamstresses. Men have not been forgotten either, the formula of the men's leotard is included. The size range is wide: xxs-xxxxl. Women of all ages and sizes have been thought of in formulating the formulas. The book has shirts, tunics, dresses as well as jackets and trousers. There are easy tips for changing all the patterns, with the instructions in the book you can make more than 20 different clothes.