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About our Members Marketplace

What is Members Marketplace?

Our members marketplace is where all our pre-orders are sold. Only Members will have access to our pre-orders and be able to place orders directly on the website. Membership also gives you the ability to purchase at a lower cost then the fabrics are sold when available for retail sales on the website. Pre-orders ensure that members get the quantities of certain fabrics without the pressure of it selling out.

What exactly is a Pre-Order?

When we have the ability and we think it will benefit our members, we open up a pre-order for a collection of fabrics being released by a manufacturer. When you pre-order, you are putting in a request to buy certain fabrics before we have made a bulk order from the manufacturer. Fabrics are then ordered by us with an expected turn around of approximately 6 - 8 weeks. Some collections take longer, some are shorter.

There are two payment options for pre-orders. Pre-orders are invoiced when the fabric is ready to be shipped to us but if you wish to pay for your pre-order the day you place your order, we are happy to process that as well.

Pre-orders are binding. Once you place your order, you are expected to pay your invoice upon receipt.


How do I sign up?

You'll need to head over to Facebook and become a member of our Facebook group - Sitka Fabrics Shop. When a new pre-order is set up, a post will go up in the group and you can let us know on that post that you'd like to sign up. Just follow the directions and you'll get access to the pre-order!