Mettler Seraflex Thread - #24 - Colonial Blue


Hello My Name Is: Mettler Stretch Elastic Thread
If you sew a lot of swim, athletic, or lingerie and underwear - you are going to want to try this stretch elastic thread. It's brilliant.

Highly elastic and versatile: SERAFLEX sewing thread is the perfect thread for all stretch fabrics. The innovative raw material PTT allows the sewing thread to stretch up to 65%. We recommend using the sewing thread exclusively for straight stitches. When used as needle and bobbin thread and with a thread tension as loose as possible, its full elasticity comes into effect. This way, SERAFLEX even achieves a sewing elasticity that is twice as high as that of conventional sewing threads.

Whether as sewing thread for women's, men's or children's clothing, for sportswear and outdoor as well as for underwear and lingerie: this thread is perfect!

For those of you that like tables:

100% Polytrimethyleneterephthalate
Spool Size
130 meters (142 yards)
Colonial Blue
Made In Germany
Certifications oeko-tex standard 100
Seraflex thread should be used as both needle and bobbin thread. Thread tension should only be as tight as necessary, meaning as loose as possible.
The bobbin thread should also be wound with as little thread tension as possible to prevent the thread from stretching beforehand.
This thread is suitable for sewing machines.


Sold by the half meter. 
Select qty: 1 for .5 meter, qty: 2 for 1 meter, qty: 3 for 1.5 meter, etc

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